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Declaration by John Hathewey, chaplain of the chantry of the Earl of Warwick in Tanworth that he holds a parcel of land form the hcntry of William Catesby, esq, extending form the house of the chantry aforesaid William Catesby to the house of the said John Hathewey, upon which land two ohuses have been built. It has been agreed between the aforesaid John Hathewey chaplain of the chantry of the Earl of Warwick and John Lynge, chaplain of the chantry of the said William Catesby, that the said John Lynge will have one of the houoses, built between the kitchen of the said John Hathewey and the ohuse of John Lynge on the north of the kitchen, and that John Hathewey will have the other, both to be held by the asent of their patrons and to be held by their successors of the chief lord of the fee for services due and accustomed, paying 2d annual to Sir john Lynge and his successors for the same Dated at Tanworth the feast of St Katherine virgin and martyr, 28 Henry VI Tag for seal