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Malone/Jordan correspondence: Wheler Papers


Fourteen, original letters from Edmond Malone, editor of Shakespeare, to John Jordan, wheelwright and poet, of Stratford, relative to Shakespeare's life and family etc.; London, 10 March - 18 November 1790 and 21 March 13 September 1793.

At the end (ff. 32, 34) are two letters of John Jordan addressed respectively to John Payton, of Stratford, and Edmond Malone, and both dated London, 1 July 1799.

The whole of these letters are printed in Original Letters of Edmond Malone to John Jordan, the Poet (ed. J.O. Halliwell, London, 1864). The printed volume contains, however, four letters, not here included, dated 15 June, 26 August, 11 September 1790 and 28 September 1793 (pp. 23, 31, 36, 48).

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