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Slatter, Son and More, solicitors of Stratford-upon-Avon


Business and client papers from the offices of Slatter, Son and More, 7 Warwick Road, Stratford-upon-Avon This firm was founded by Robert Hiorne Hobbes in 1828. In 1843 he took into partnership Thomas Slatter, and they operated as Hobbes and Slatter until 1865 when the former's son, William Albert Hobbes, joined the partnership to establish the firm of Hobbes, Slatter and Hobbes. This partnership was dissolved in 1876 and two new firms set up. One consisted of Robert Hiorne Hobbes and John Slatter and returned to the name Hobbes and Slatter. William Albert Hobbes apparently set himself up independently but the following year, on the final breakup of the partnership between Hobbes senior and Slatter, he was joined by his father and Alexander Pearce to form the partnership, Hobbes, Son and Pearce. On the death of Robert Hobbes this partnership was dissolved yet again and William Hobbes re-established himself with a new partner, Willoughby Norbury, to form the firm Hobbes and Norbury. In the meantime John Slatter had set up in partnership with his son (Slatter and Son) and in 1879 they were joined by Frank Gibbs (Slatter, Son and Gibbs). This partnership lasted until 1911 when the firm Slatter, Son and Slatter was established. The Slatter partnerships were housed in the Warwick Road premises where Robert Hobbes had founded the practice. William Albert Hobbes, when he left the firm in 1876, practised in Old Town and Ely Street but his firm's books were found on the Warwick Road premises, presumably because Slatter, Son and Gibbs wound up the firm when William Hobbes died. The main divisions of the collection are: Records of the firm: /1-14: Robert Hiorne Hobbes, 1828-1843 /15-106: Hobbes and Slatter, 1843-1865 /107-180: Hobbes, Slatter and Hobbes, 1865-1877 (Hobbes Slatter after 1876) /181-209: Hobbes, Son and Pearce (from 1882, Hobbes and Norbury), 1877-1908 /210-351: Slatter, Son and Gibbs (Slatter and Son, 1877-1879, Slatter, Son and Slatter from 1911), 1879-1931 /352-375a: Various agencies for insurance companies, 1834-1953 Clients' papers: arranged alphabetically by client or first party

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