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Oral history project: Paul Morgan


Interview with Paul Morgan, born 1915; recalls his own family, including his father Kibler Morgan; the town oligarchy ('Squeaker' Rowe, George Lea Roderick Baker); other families living in Broad Walk in the 1920s; his education at the Misses Lupton's Preparatory School and then at the Grammar School; his mother's business as a masseuse; 'snobbery' amongst Stratford's shopkeeper families; his time in the Yeomanry during World War II; F.C. Wellstood; the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Library where he had his first job; the Flower family; 'scandals' in the town; the Ball family; his uncle Tom White, the town's first Labour mayor; rivalry between local tradesmen and multiple stores; life at the Grammar School as a boarder; the Theatre; the Dillen; Annie Justins; the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Levi Fox; performances at the theatre; Holy Trinity Church and other religious groups; his courting days; the Boyden family; Levi Fox; freemasonry; the Union Club.