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Deeds and associated papers: 41 and 43 Birmingham Road (previously 21 and 22 Wellington Terrace)


Original bundle of deeds in folder entitled "Flower Sons, Limited"..., relating to nos. 41 and 43 Birmingham Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, previously nos. 21 and 22 Wellington Terrace: 1. Inland Revenue account of succession in real property of Charles Aprilus Sutton Warde of Little Hampton, Worcs., said to be born 1860, a minor, on the death of Caroline Sutton on 17th October 1868, to two freehold messuages in Wellington Terrace, Birmingham Road, to William G. Lambert and Miss Mills respectively, 1871. 2-3. Covenant to produce the title deeds of the Wellington Terrace houses listed on a schedule, made between Michael Edwards of Stratford, draper and grocer, and Charles A. S. Warde of Little Hampton, gent, 20th March 1873. Attached to this is the office copy of the Chief Clerk's certificate of approval of a deed of covenant, (being this document) relating to the case Warde v. Kane, under an order dated 3rd June 1872, filed in Chancery, 25th March 1873. 4. Abstract of title of Charles A. S. Warde esqre. to nos. 21 and 22 Wellington Terrace (1857-1873), 1889. 5. Conveyance from Flower Sons Limited, Monson Ave, Cheltenham, Glos, as trustees, at the direction of Whitbread Flowers Limited, of the same address, to John Edward Bloxham of the Bungalow, Blackhill, near Stratford, of the messuage known as no. 43 Birmingham Road, with the nearer width of a passageway dividing it from no. 41, and right of passage therein, 6th February 1970. With photocopy made from poor original, January 1999. 6. Schedule of these deeds and documents [1970]