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Cyrano de Bergerac, Programme - Barbican Theatre


1 copy of the programme for this production.

Articles included are:

'Gascony and the Gascony Cadets',
'Anthony Burgess' short biography of the translator of Edmond Rostand's play 'Cyrano de Bergerac',
'Rhyme and Panache' by Anthony Burgess,
'Savinien Cyrano and Cyrano de Bergerac' by Richard Allen Cave,
'The Deformed Hero', a consideration of portrayals of disfigurement and deformity in literature and the performing arts.

The programme's integral cast list includes a credit:
'Cyrano's nose by Christopher Tucker', a make-up artist specialising in prosthetic items for portrayals of disfigurement and deformity.

Custodial History

Collected by the RSC and deposited with SBT.

Stamped with accession reference S3345 and embossed with the stamp of the RST Library.

Admin History

Published by RSC.

Printed by Battley Brothers Printers, London.