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Knight of Barrells


Gift from Simon (Zemon) le Chapmon of Olenhale and Millicent (Milissand') his wife to Ralph le Holdere of Olebarwe and Margery his wife and their heirs or assigns of 8 selions of land with headland adjoining in Leyecrof in Olenh', lying between land of the said Ralph on one side and land of Agnes Barel on the other, and extending in length from the stream called Olebarwebrok' below to the king's highway leading towards Henley above, to hold for ever of the chief lord of the fee for due and accustomed service proportionate to the amount of land (pro sua quantitate). Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Robert de Cymiterio, Nicholas son of Robert, William Barel, William Kyng', John de Crouley and others. Dated at Olenh', Tuesday next after the feast of St. Gregory, 10 Edward II. Two tags for seals. Endorsed in a ?17th century hand: A deed concerning eight ridges in Ley-croft in Olenhale. Simon Chapman to Ra: Holder. Dat' 10. Ed: filij reg' Ed.