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Gift from Henry Boscher to Stephen de Segrave of land of Byricot


Gift with warranty, c 1225, from Henry Boscher to Stephen de Segrave and his heirs, for homage and service, of his land of Byricot' held in demesne, in villeinage, or by service of freemen with woods and all their appurtenances; to hold the same of the said Henry, rendering annually one pound of Cumin or twopence at Easter for all services, customs or claims to the said Henry or to his heirs appertaining saving foreign service. Witnesses: Sir Walter de Devile, Henry de Segrave, William de Martewaud, Philip de Kinton', William de Sancto Eadmundo and many others. Seal on tag: circular, white. A knight on horseback. Legend: SIG--- HENRICI BOSCHER. Endorsed: i) de terra de Byricot' in comitatu Warwik ii) Henrious Segrave avus Isabelle uxoris Thome Gregor' qui presentat monachum abbathiae de Stanley [AG]