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Demurrer of Joan Parrett, widow, to the action of Margaret Yonge, widow, administratrix of her late husband, Robert Yonge; and the summons in the same suit


This was a case of fraudulent conversion of property lost or stolen. The articles enumerated consist of female apparel, viz., a womans gowne de le a sadde tawnie color, faced with vellett (velvet) and a vellett cape, and layed on with a vellett lace about the same, the value of five pounds; another woman's gowne de le rattes color faced with taffatie, with a cape of tufte taffatie, and laid about with silke lace, of the value of three pounds; a kyrtle de le brode worsted laid about with billiment lace and fringe, of the value of thirty shillings; a pettycote of stamel with boddies of durance, and fringed about, value thirty shillings; a cloke de le rattes color lyned with tawnie baies and faced with vellett value four marks; two daggers (pugionibus) value vj.s. viij.d; a coverlett de le redd, blacke and yellowe, value xl.8, and three prayer-bookes value x.s. 37 Elizabeth I