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Old Stratford, Shottery, Welcombe, Wilmcote, etc.


Papers relating to the enclosure of `the open fields of Stratford, Welcomb and Bishopton, called by the General Name of Stratford Fields', 1758-1774, but chiefly 1774. Included are:- i) Survey of `an estate in the common fields of Old Stratford' the property of Joseph Smith of Birmingham; October 1758. ii) `State of Property in Stratford, Welcombe and Bishopton Fields intended to be inclosed', January 1774. iii) Claims, petitions, etc. of proprietors submitted to the Commissioners, 10-14 June 1774. iv) `Case relating to the tythe hay of Bishopton', including extracts from the Charter of Edward VI to the borough of Stratford; with opinion signed by Francis Wheeler, 7 September 1774. v) `Consent of the Corporation and vicar to exonerate the old inclosures from tithes'; 19 September 1774. With like consent of the proprietors. (vi) Applications and agreements re exchanges 1778 (vii) Misc PPs inc Surveys, bills etc 1772-9