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Covenant: Thomas Townesend, Alveston, Tiddington and Hampton Lucy


Indenture whereby Thomas Townesend, son and heir of Thomas Townesend, late of Alveston, alias Allston, yeoman, covenants with Sir Lionel Cranfield, Knt., P.C., Master of the Court of Wards and Liveries and Sir Benjamin Rudyerd, Knt., Surveyor of the same Court, to render a true extent of the lands, etc. which descended to him from his said father, who died 24 October 1619, he Thomas Townesend the son, being of the age of 29 years and upwards. Dated 16 May [1620], mutilated. With schedule attached, giving particulars of lands, etc. in Alveston, Tiddington and Bishop Hampton [Hampton Lucy], formerly belonging to Edward Lane, Ludovic Grevill and John Savage, the whole being of the yearly value of £4 3s 4d.