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Deed of Sale: Welford-on-Avon


Deed of Sale by Walter Bromley of Welford, co. Glouc., and Margery, his wife, Edward Roberts of the same, carpenter, and Ursula, his wife, Joan Roberts of Luddington, widow, Edward Roberts of Stratford-upon-Avon, husbandman, Giles Roberts of Shottery, husbandman, and Robert Roberts alias Campden of Welford, blacksmith, to William Milward of Welford, gent., and Henry Hartlett of the same, yeoman, for £37 paid by William Harris of Welford, yeoman, and £93 2s 6d by George Milward of the same, yeoman, of various lands, etc. in Welford, to the several uses of the said William Harris and George Milward. Witnesses: William Welles, Edward Welles, John Bromly and Vallentin Wilkin.