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Marriage Settlement: Clopton, Ingon, Rhyn Clifford, Bridgetown and Old Stratford


Covenant by Thomas Clopton with John Keyt, senior, and John Keyt, junior, in consideration of his late marriage with Eglentyne Keyt and of £2000 paid as in ER3/310, to levy a fine to John Keyt, senior, and Richard Wright of Exall, clerk, of the manors of Clopton, Bridgetown and Ryen Clifford, with lands etc. in Clopton, Ingon, Bridge town, Ryen Clifford and Old Stratford for the provision of a jointure to the said Eglentyne and for raising a sum of £2000 for marriage-portions for such daughters as might be born of the marriage. Dated 1 April 14 Charles [I], 1639 [sic]. Signed, with seal of arms. Witnesses: Francis Keyt, Francis Smyth, Thomas Taylor, Thomas True and John Izod.

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