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Release: Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon


Release dated 21 July 1685, by Josiah Sowtham to James Sowtham in consideration of £20 paid by Thomas Sowtham, son of the said James, of the messuage etc. as in ER3/367. Witnesses: Joseph Hunt, Nathaniel Mason, William Smith, dyer. Endorsed with a declaration by James Sowtham that his name is only used in trust for Thomas Sowtham his son. Also endorsed with covenants dated 9 January 1689/90 (Old style) [1690] that the said James shall hold the premises to the use of Thomas Sowtham and Anne his wife, daughter of Katherine Yearwood of Warwick, widow, in consideration of a marriage portion of £100 and to the use of the survivor of them, with remainder to the heirs of their bodies. See also ER3/361, ER3/362, ER3/365, ER3/366, ER3/372 ER3/376

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