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Lease: Clopton, Old Stratford and Bridgetown


Lease by Sir John Clopton of Clopton, Knt., to John Hunt of Stratford-upon-Avon, gent., of 5 closes in Rushbrooke, in the parish of Old Stratford heretofore in the tenure of John Woolmer tobbaconist, 6 closes in Bridgtowne in the same parish, parcel of the farm lately held by Avery Milward, a close in Bridgtowne on the West side of the Gospell Elme ground and two closes in the manor of Clopton called Smart's close and Windmill Ground, all being now or lately in the tenure of the said John Hunt, to hold for 11 years at a yearly rent of £100. Witnesses: Elizabeth Clopton, William Clopton and Thomas Martin.