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Mortgage: Halford


Mortgage from Henry Gibbes of Blackwell, co. Worcs., gent., to Sir Hercules Underhill of Idlicote, knight, and John Rudd of Idlicote, gent., for £300 to him paid by Sir Hercules Underhill and John Rudd, of three cottages in Halford in the occupations of Emme Spicer, Richard Spicer, Thomas Boys and Valentine Rawlins, and four yard lands of arable, meadow and pasture in the common fields of Halford then lately purchased by Henry Gibbs of Sir Hercules Underhill (except and reserved out of the said demise such lands of the said four yard lands as were theretofore assigned by Sir Hercules Underhill and John Rudd to Richard Ayinge by indenture dated 12 May 1656, (ER3/2249). Witnesses: Edward Underhill, Ralph Gibbs, Thomas Fletcher and James Leppington (by his mark).