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Mortgage: Halford


Mortgage from Henry Gibbs of Halford, gent., to William Baldwin of Nether Ettington, gent., (reciting ER3/2257 and that default was made in payment of mortgage interest and that William Baldwin, having taken possession of the premises in Halford referred to in no. ER3/2257 for the term of 99 years had, by ER3/2258, assigned the said term of 99 years in the premises in Halford to Thomas Rawlins; and reciting that William Baldwin had advanced to Henry Gibbs a further sum of £180, making £300 in all, in consideration of £300, of the premises in Halford referred to in ER3/2257 subject to a proviso for redemption on repayment of the said £300. Witnesses: Edward Somervile, Freeman James and Edmund Mason.

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