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Lease and Release: Littleworth Farm, Honington


Indentures of Lease and Release between John Munton of Banbury, gent., of the one part and William Walford of Banbury, gent., of the other part (reciting ER3/2121-2124 and that William Walford the elder, Theophilus Walford and Agnes Walford were all dead and reciting that the Nollands Farm, part of the premises referred to in ER3/2121-2124, had been sold to Gore Townsend, and that the several sums of £1000 and £2500 owed to Michael Corgan and James Wake Golby respectively, had been paid and satisfied), whereby it was witnessed that, in consideration of five shillings paid to John Munton by William Walford, he the said John Munton re-conveyed the undivided moiety of the residue of the premises settled by ER3/2101-2104 [Littleworth Farm], and not sold to the Townsends, to William Walford and his heirs for ever free from incumbrances. Witnesses: William Wilson and Charles Judge.

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    7 May 1822-8 May 1822

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