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Attested Copies of Lease and Release of Trusteeship: Honington


Attested copies of indentures of Lease and Release dated 13 14 April 1841, between James Wake Golby of Banbury, gent., of the one part, and John Munton and Thomas Draper, both of Banbury, gents., of the other part (reciting that J[ames] W[ake] Golby was co-trustee with John Munton and Thomas Draper of several securities, bonds, mortgages and hereditaments and was desirous to relieve himself from further trouble in the same) whereby it was witnessed that James Wake Golby, in consideration of ten shillings to him paid by John Munton and Thomas Draper, executed a general release of all his trust property both real and personal to John Munton and Thomas Draper upon and for such trusts as it had theretofore been held by him. Witnesses: Edward Morris, surgeon of Banbury, Ann Lovell and William Wilson. Enrolled in Chancery, 17 May 1841.

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    13 Apr 1841-17 May 1841

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