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Assignment of Mortgage: Halford


Assignment dated [20?] March 1668/9 (Old style) [1669], with counterpart, from Henry Gibbs of Halford, gent., Edward Croft of Tredington, gent., and Arthur Rowney of Blackwell, gent., to Symon Okely of Leamington, co. Glos., yeoman, and John Heines of Nether Brayles, yeoman, in trust for Philip Gardner of the same, gent., (reciting ER3/2257-2260 and that the interest on the said mortgages therein described was not paid, and reciting the will of William Baldwin, dated 24 October 1667, whereby he appointed Edward Croft and Arthur Rowney his executors, and the death of William Baldwin in November 1668) for £410 paid by Philip Gardner (£70 to Henry Gibbs and £340 to Edward Croft and Arthur Rowney in respect of the recited mortgages) of the mortgage in the premises in Halford created by ER3/2257 and ER3/2260. Witnesses: James Prescot, William Hobday, John Hide, George Enock, Richard Davis and Richard Spicer.

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