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Marriage Settlement: Halford


Marriage Settlement dated 20 March 1669/70 (Old style) [1670], between Philip Gardner of Lower Brailes, gent., and Mary, his wife of the one part and Richard Kilby of Souldern, co. Oxon., gent. and Thomas Davis of the Tower of the City of London, Yeoman Warder, of the other part, whereby Philip Gardner (as well in consideration of a Marriage then solemnised between him and Mary, his wife, as also in consideration of £300 to him formerly paid by Edward Davis late of Upper Brailes, gent., deceased, father of the said Mary, as a Marriage portion for the said Mary) conveyed to the said Richard Kilby and Thomas Davis the premises described in ER3/2264-2265, to the use of Philip Gardner for life, and, after his death, to the use, as to and concerning one moiety or half part of the said premises, of the said Mary for her life, with remainder to the use of the heirs of the said Philip Gardner by the said Mary; and, as to and concerning the other moiety of the said premises after the death of the said Philip Gardner, to the use of the heirs of Philip Gardner by the said Mary, provided that, if the said Philip Gardner should die without issue by the said Mary, or, having such issue, should die before they attained 21 years, then to the use of the said Mary for her life. Witnesses: Richard Davies, Nicholas Davies and Richard Spicer.

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