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Assignment of Mortgage: Halford


Assignment from Anthony Ayrie of Tusmore, co. Oxon., gent., with the consent of Philip Gardner of Halford, gent., Richard Kilby of Souldern, co. Oxon., gent., and Ambrose Holbech of Mollington, co. Oxon., gent., to Arthur Rowney of Blackwell, gent., and his Trustees, Samuel Gilbert of Armscote, gent., and Thomas Child of the same, yeoman (reciting ER3/2268, ER3/2279 and ER3/2282 and that there was then owing to Anthony Ayrie for capital and interest £236) for £236 (being part of the sum of £1105 which the said Arthur Rowney owed to Philip Gardner, Richard Kilby and Ambrose Holbech for the purchase of the said premises amongst other things) of the Mortgage described in ER3/2268. Witnesses: Richard Knibb, William Stratford, Robert Osborne, George Trenchard, Lawrence Lord, Richard Bennet, Thomas Bishop, William Halford, Jeremiah Hall, Richard Spicer and George Sheppard.

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