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Mortgage: Halford and Honington


Mortgage from Henry Gibbs of Halford, gent., to William Baldwin the elder of Nether Ettington, gent., (reciting that Henry Gibbs was seised of the mansion house, several closes and two yard lands of arable land, meadow and pasture in the common fields thereof, being one moiety or half part of four yardlands lately purchased by him of Sir Hercules Underhill, knight - the other two yard lands being among other things mortgaged by Henry Gibbs to Richard Betts of London - and reciting that Henry Gibbs was possessed of a meadow in Honington called Longlands near a close there called New Pasture for a term of 80 years if Sir Henry Gibbs of Honington, knight, father of the said Henry Gibbs, should so long live) for £120, of the said premises in Halford (except the moiety of the four yardlands demised to Richard Betts); also the said Henry Gibbs mortgaged to William Baldwin the premises in Honington aforesaid for a term of 70 years of the said 80 years, if the said Sir Henry Gibbs should so long live. Witnesses: Thomas Smith and Thomas Rowney. See also ER3/2267.

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