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Further Mortgage: Littleworth Farm, Honington


Indenture of further mortgage between William Walford of Banbury, gent. of the one part, and Jane Milward of Nethrop, co. Oxon., spinster of the other part (reciting ER3/2148-2149 and that William Milward died on 28 June 1834 having by his Will appointed his sister Jane Milward his sole executrix and devisee and reciting that William Walford had occasion to borrow a further sum of £800), whereby it was witnessed that William Walford, in consideration of £800 to him paid by Jane Milward, further charged his undivided moiety in the residue of the premises settled by ER3/2101-2104 [Littleworth Farm] and not sold to the Townsends to Jane Milward. Witnesses: William Munton and William Wilson.

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