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Mortgage: Armscote


Mortgage from Nathaniel Brent of Armscott, gent., to Edward Croft of Tredington, gent., and Arthur Rowney of Blackwell, yeoman, (in consideration that Edward Croft and Arthur Rowney being executors of the will of William Baldwyn late of Nether Ettington, gent., deceased, surrendered to Nathaniel Brent a lease granted to William Baldwyn in his lifetime, and also in consideration of £290 17s 0d to him paid by the said Edward Croft and Arthur Rowney) of a messuage with appurtenances at Armscott in the possession of Nathaniel Brent, three yard lands in the common fields of Armscott in the possession of Nathaniel Brent, and cottages in the occupations of Valentine Canning, Richard Westby and Richard Gregory. Witnesses: Samuel Gibbard, Edward Freeman and James Rowney.