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Mortgage: Brailes


Mortgage from Francis Capell of Brailes, yeoman, Thomas Hawten of Foscot, co. Oxon., Phillips Mills and Edward Walker, both of Brailes, yeomen, Nicholas Tisoe of Tysoe, yeoman, William Powell and John Nicholls both of Brailes, yeomen, Robert Harris of Paxford, co. Worcs., yeoman, Thomas Marshall of Brailes, yeoman, Richard Browne of Brailes, butcher, Henry Nicholls of Neithrop, co. Oxon., yeoman and Richard Townsend the younger, Oxhill, yeoman, to John Crispe of Chipping Norton, gent. for £1550, of the mansion house theretofore inhabited by Richard Davies in Brailes and five yard lands in the fields of Brailes called Broadclose near the said mansion, Farme Closes, Whites Close, and Wildens Close, theretofore in the occupation of Richard Davies. Witnesses: Thomas Baldwyn, William Webbe junior and Francis Oldfield.