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Declaration of Trust and Counterpart: Balsall


Declaration of Trust, with Counterpart, between Nathaniel Harryman, Thomas King, Abel Brokesby, Thomas Bewlay and Francis Harryman, all of Coventry, aldermen, of the one part and the Mayor, Bailiff and commonaltie of the same city of the other part (reciting a view of Frankpledge and Court Baron of the Manor of Balsall held on 12 October 1675 at which a surrender was made of the hereditaments referred to in ER3/2635 by Sir Roger Burgoyne to the persons of the first part), whereby it was witnessed that the sum of £900 paid to Sir Roger Burgoyne by the persons of the first part for the said premises was the proper money of the Mayor, Bailiff and commonaltie of Coventry and that they were to hold the said premises upon trust for the same. Witnesses: Humphrey Burton and Simon Burton.

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