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Assignment of Mortgage: Halford


Assignment dated 23 January 1721/2 (Old style) [1722], from Raphael Horseman of Pillerton Hersey, gent., with the consent of Thomas Halford of Halford, yeoman, to Nathaniel Mason of Stratford-upon-Avon, gent., and his trustee Samuel Horseman of Pillerton Hersey, gent., (reciting ER3/2326-2327, ER3/2338 and ER3/2342 and that there was then owing by Thomas Halford to Raphael Horseman £189 and that Nathaniel Mason had contracted to purchase the premises comprised in the mortgage from Thomas Halford) for £189, of the residue of the mortgage term of 500 years; to hold in trust for Nathaniel Mason to attend the inheritance. Witnesses: Edward Townsend, Katherine Gardener and William Baylis.

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