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Copy Will: Old Stratford


Copy Will dated 12 June 1673, of Samuel Morrell of Stratford-upon-Avon, baker, whereby he devised to his son Richard Morrell his messuage etc. in Stratford in which the testator then dwelt subject to the life estate in part thereof of Elizabeth Morrell, the testator's mother, and subject to the payment of £50 to testator's daughter Elizabeth; and to his son William Morrell his tenement in Old Stratford in the occupation of John Hopcroft and a close called Rache Close in the occupation of Robert Biddle, after the decease of the testator's mother Elizabeth Morrell; provided that, if the said Richard died without issue, the estate given to the said Richard should be to the said William; and to his wife Dorothy (whom he appointed his sole executrix) the residue of his personal estate. Appointment of William Greenway and William Pane overseers of his Will. Witnesses: Joseph Phillips, James Sowtham, Phillip Dyde and Samuel Phillips. Probate granted at Stratford-on-Avon, 5 August 1673.