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Articles of Agreement to Convey Premises: Whitnash


Articles of Agreement between Daniel Eyres of Whitnash, clerk, and John Halford of Warwick, gent., on the marriage of Daniel Eyres with Hannah (a sister of John Halford), that the former should convey to Richard Savage of Bishops Tachbrooke certain hereditaments in Whitnash to the use of Hannah Halford and her heirs by him Daniel Eyres, with remainder to the right heirs of Daniel Eyres; and it was also agreed that the said Daniel Eyres should at his death, if the said Hannah should then be living, dispose to her for her life the sum of £400 or personal property to that value provided that, if Samuel Eyres then the only son of Daniel Eyres or his heirs should be living at the death of the said Daniel Eyres, the executors or administrators of the said Daniel Eyres should then be acquitted of £200, parcel of the said sum of £400. Witnesses: Mathew Holbeche, William Parker and John Querton.