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Lease: Old Swinford


Lease for a year from Mary Bradley of Stourbridge, co. Worc., widow, and Dionysius Bradley of Stratford-upon-Avon, gent., only son of the said Mary, to Edward Kenwrick of Stratford, clerk, and William Bell of Weston-sub-Edge, co. Glouc., clerk, of a messuage called the Great House, in the tenure of Jonathan Kendall, two messuages with a close called the Mill Field in the tenure of Nicholas Parker, a messuage called the Tanhouse with close, in the tenure of Benjamin Harvey, a piece of garden ground in the tenure of Thomas Clerk, a messuage in Mill Lane in the tenure of Thomas Oliver, etc. all in the parish of Old [s]Winford, cos. Worc., and Stafford. Dated ..... 16 George II, 1742. Witnesses: Henrietta Bell, Ann Walker.