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Copy Demise: Welford-on-Avon


Copy demise by William Roberts of Welford, co. Glouc., yeoman, to William Millington of Mickleton, co. Glouc., gent., John Rutter of the same, yeoman, and Anthony Milward of Welford, yeoman, of a messuage, rooms, closes, two and a half yardlands etc. in Welford (in the several tenures of the said William Roberts, Edward Roberts, his brother, and Elizabeth Hewes, widow) for 99 years; by way of settlement on the marriage of Thomas Roberts son and heir of William Roberts, and Elizabeth Rutter, sister of John Rutter, and to the use of the same for their lives, with remainder to the heirs of their bodies, and in default to the heirs of the body of Thomas Roberts, and in default to his right heirs. Signed by William Millington and Anthony Millard. Witnesses: William Bridges, John Johnson, John Glover and Robert Bridges.