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Abstract of Title: North Littleton, Middle Littleton and South Littleton, Worcestershire


9 January 1778 to 10 October 1789 Abstract of title to an estate at the Littletons, co. Worcs., commencing with an indenture, dated 9 January 1778, between Moses Harper of Wolverley, co. Worcs., slitter of iron, of the first part, John Procter of Moreton-in-the-Marsh, co. Glos., dealer, of the second part, John Martin, gent., and Jane his wife, of the third part and John Wheatcroft of Paxford, co. Worcs., gent., of the fourth part and ending with an indenture, dated 10 October 1789, between J. Hunter of the first part, John Procter of the second part and Mary Hughes of the third part. 77 folios. Continuation commencing with conveyance, dated 15 February 1815, from Mary Hughes of Westcote, co. Glos., spinster, to Thomas Walford Marshall of Harvington, co. Worcs., gent., and ending with a conveyance, dated 24 February 1841 from E H Cockbill to John Adkins and Thomas Adams. Total - 104 folios.

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    9 Jan 1778 to 15 Feb 1841

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    27 folios

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