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Articles of agreement between the Borough of Stratford-upon-Avon and Thomas Greene of Stratford, Esquire


Whereby the latter covenants to sell to the Borough for £640 his lease of the tithes and "all that his nowe dwellinge howse, stablinge and other ædifices thereunto belonginge in Ould Stratford aforesaid, with the wainscot, glasse, portralls, partitions, dores, lockes, dressours, planckes and shelves in the kitchin, the brewing furnace in the brewehouse, the planckes, rackes, mangers and bordes in the stable, and bordes on the stable, as also all other bordes in or upon any the floores about the said howse, all pales and moundes in or about the howse or garden, with the trees and hearbes therein or about growing or belonging to the said Thomas Greene's now house," 13 May, 1617. This agreement does not appear to have been carried into effect