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Mortgage: Stourbridge, Bedcote and Amblecote


Mortgage by Thomas Tyrer of Birmingham, Edward Henzey of Worcester, glassmaker, and Jeremiah Taylor of Stowerbridge, bookseller, as trustees of Joshua Bradley, under the demise of 16 January 1697/8 (Old style) [1698] as in ER3/196, and by Hannah Bradley, widow of the said Joshua Bradley, acting under authority of his Will dated 18 January 1698 to Mary Hunt of Birmingham, widow of John Hunt, gent., of the copyhold messuages, lands, etc. of Joshua Bradley in Kingswinford, for the residue of the term of 99 years as in ER3/194, to secure the payment of £500, with interest at 5 per cent; the said Hannah Bradley, for further security, also mortgaging a messuage, tan-house, etc. in the tenure of Richard Smith, a close of 3 acres called Milfeild, in the tenure of Simon Yarren in Stowerbridge and Bedcoatt in the parish of Old Swinford, co. Worc., and the upper part of Kingsmeadowe, of 4 acres, in Amblecott in the parish of Old Swinford, co. Staff, for 1000 years. Witnesses: Henry Parratt and Edward Dyson. See also ER3/198.

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