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Grant: Bridge Street and High Street, Stratford-upon-Avon


Grant from John Cale of Clifford, yeoman (kinsman and heir of Thomas Cale, deceased), Robert Wilkys of Clifford, husbandman, son and heir of William Wilkys, and Thomas Erle of Ailstone, husbandman (kinsman and heir of John Erle, deceased) to Jerome Cooke, gent., Charles Raynesford, gent., Thomas Raynesford, gent., Richard Carris, John Broun senior, John Broun junior, William Martyn, William Cale, John Malary, Henry Tommys, Jerome Erle, Thomas Palmer, John Broun alias Clerk, Thomas Browne, Henry Wilkes, Charles Martyn, Jerome Cale and John Malary junior, of three messuages in Stratford-upon-Avon of which two are situated together in 'le Middell Rewe' in 'le Burgestrete' [Bridge Street], between a tenement of the heirs of Richard Bromley on the East side and a tenement of the heirs of Adrian Quyny on the West; and the third lies in 'le High Street', between land of Thomas Whateley on the South and the tenement of a certain Cutt of London on the North, and extends in length from the street to land of the College on the East side; all and singular which premises the said Thomas Cale, William Wilkes, John Erle lately held, together with Thomas Cokesey, knight, John Bedell, Thomas Tommys, John Jenkyns, William Frere, Robert Egott, John Magott, Henry Rose of Clifford, John Erle and William Erle of Ailstone, now deceased, of the gift and feoffment of Hugh Chesnall, clerk, deceased. Dated 26 May 37 Henry VIII [1545]. The tags are portions of a court roll of Clifford Chambers, dated 12 November 36 Henry VIII (1544). See also ER3/1961.

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