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Legal papers - Title


Counterpart of award made by William Conyngesby of the Inner Temple gent. and William Whorwod of the Middle Temple gent. in a dispute between Edward Ferrers knt. and Dame Constance his wife on the one hand and Francis Cokayne esq. and Dorothy his wife on the other concerning the manor of Baddysley Clynton with lands and appurtenances and the advowson of the church, of which the said Constance and Dorothy were co-heirs of Nicholas Brome esq. and Elizabeth his wife, both deceased, Constance being a daughter of the said Nicholas and Elizabeth, and Dorothy being the daughter of Isabel Marrowe another daughter of the said Nicholas and Elizabeth. The said Edward and Constance were to hold all the said property paying to the said Francis and Dorothy the annual sum of £12 13s. 4d. at Lady Day and Michaelmas in equal portions, 10s. fine to be paid for every month the payment of the said sum was due after the said feasts. Both the said parties were to deposit their deeds relating to the said property or to any other lands in Baddysley with the Abbot of Kenelworth, where they were to be kept within the abbey in a chest with two locks to which each party was to have one key. In addition the said Francis and Dorothy were to have annually for the rest of their lives one buck in summer and one doe in winter from the park at Baddisley Clynton as long as sufficient deer remained in the park. These were to be delivered upon demand to the said Francis and Dorothy by the keeper of the said park. Given 7 January 22 Henry VIII [1531]. Signed: William Conyngesby, William Wherwod, Francis Cokay', Dorothy Cockayne. Four seals of red wax on tags; 1. A tree between the letters W.C. within a six-pointed beaded border. 3/4 in. 2. ?An emperor's head facing to the right within a circular border. 1/2 in. 3. 4. ?Figure of Apollo holding a bow in his left hand and an ?arrow in his right within a circular border. 1/2 in. Endorsed: 1. [In a late 16th century hand] The order betwyxte Sr Edward Ferres and dame Constance and Frauncys Cokine and Dorothye his wyfe daughter and heire of Marrowe and one of the coheires of N.B. for the finiall determynaoon of the estate of Badesley and all sutes and acyons 2. [In the hand of William Hamper c. 1816] The final settlement of Baddesley Clinton to ye Ferrers Family by arbitration A.D. 1530 21st. Henry 8th. 3. [c. 1839] 7th January 22d Hen: 8th. The award of William Conynges by and William Whorwood and the Indenture of the same date between Sir Edward Ferrers kn: and Dame Constance his wife of the one part and Francis Cockaynee Esq. and Dorothy his wife of the other part being the Deed of confirmation of the same award whereby and by force of a fine annexed thereto the entirety of the Manor and Estate of Baddesley Clinton were vested in the said Sir Edward and Dame Constance the Heirs of the said Constance and a Rent Charge of £12-13-4 to be issuing out of the same Manor and Estate was granted and to be secured and to be payable for ever to the said Francis Cockayne and Dorothy his wife and to the heirs of the said Dorothy - who were to receive for their lives out of the park of Baddesley one Buck in season in Summer and one Doe in Winter. There is also a provision that the Title Deeds to Estates in which they were mutually interested should be deposited in a chest with two locks and left with the Abbot of Kenilworth for safe custody and reference by either party as occasion should require. [66a]