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Lease and Release: Nollands and Sidenalls, Honington


Indentures of Lease and Release between John Stace of Wendover, co. Bucks., esq., and Elizabeth his wife, Richard Reeves Wright of Bond Street, London, oilman, Bartholomew Carter of Staple Inn, London, gent., the Reverend John Faulkner of Deddington co. Oxon., clerk, and Elizabeth, his wife and Catherine Dolley of Deddington, spinster of the first part, the Reverend Thomas Lambert Snow of Tedington [sic], co. Worcs., clerk and the Reverend Robert Edward Hughes of Shennington, co. Glos., clerk of the second part, Agnes Walford of Banbury, widow of the third part, Hannah Howkins of Warmington, widow of the fourth part, John Munton of Banbury, gent. of the fifth part, William Walford of Banbury, esq., Ann Walford of Banbury, spinster and the Reverend Edward Gibbs Walford of Banbury of the sixth part, and Charles Wyatt of Banbury, banker and Thomas Wyatt of Hanwell, co. Oxon., gent. of the seventh part (reciting ER3/2097-ER3/2119 and reciting that Frances Walford died in the lifetime of William Walford the elder and that William Walford the elder died on 30 October 1811 leaving issue by the said Frances his wife, William Walford the younger, party thereto, his eldest son, Ann Walford and Edward Gibbs Walford him surviving and reciting that Theophilus Scott Walford died on 5 November 1802, being a brother of the said William Walford the younger, and reciting that Theophilus Walford died on 16 July 1811 without issue leaving Agnes his wife then surviving; and reciting ER3/2121-2124 and reciting that Sir Robert Keyt died on 9 July 1784 and that Crescens Carter died on 16 April 1785 leaving Elizabeth Stace, Margaret Churchill and Hester Dolley his sisters and Richard Reeve Wright and his heirs him surviving; and reciting that Mary Wright, the other sister of Crescens Carter, died intestate leaving her eldest son and heir at law Richard Reeve Wright her surviving; and reciting that Margaret Churchill died intestate leaving Bartholomew Churchill her eldest son and heir her surviving; and reciting that Hester Dolley died in 1799 leaving Elizabeth Faulkner and Catherine Dolley her only issue and co-heiresses at law her surviving; and reciting that John Howkins died in 1800 leaving Hannah his wife his executrix and residuary legatee and that the legal estate of the said Sir Robert Keyt and Crescens Carter was vested in the persons of the first part) whereby it was witnessed that the persons of the first part, in consideration of ten shillings to them paid by Charles and Thomas Wyatt (at the direction of all the persons of the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth part) conveyed the legal estate in the premises described in ER3/2087 and limited to Sir Robert Keyt and Crescens Carter by ER3/2101-2104 to Charles and Thomas Wyatt upon the trusts declared in ER3/2101-2104. Witnesses: J.W. Golby, Henry Hitchmough, Thomas Kitts Walford of Oxbridge, Samuel Breadstry his clerk, Thomas Hearn of Buckingham and Thomas Hearn junior, John Richards, clerk to Mr. Carter, Edward Banister, Samuel Churchill, Samuel Field of Deddington, co. Oxon., Elizabeth Hiorns, William Cleaver, M. Hughes and William Chesley. With attested copies and abstract.

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    29 Apr 1813-30 Apr 1813

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