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Bargain and Sale: Barford


Bargain and Sale from Edward Ferrers of London, mercer, and Francis Phelips of London, gent., to Rowley Warde of the Middle Temple, London, esq., of two mills called Barforde Milles [Barford Mills] with mill yard, mill ponds, land called Rases close alias Roses close, land called Newland, with all buildings lands and appurtenances in Barforde [Barford] which mills were formerly part of the manor of Warwicke and part of the possessions of John, lately Duke of Northumberland, and recently in the King's hands due to the death of Ambrose, Earl of Warwick who died without heirs. To hold of the King as of the Manor of Eastgreenewich [East Greenwich] co. Kent. Rent. £10 4s. 9d. Signed by Edward Ferrers and Francis Phelips. Seal of Edward Ferrers. Armorial, three horse-shoes in bend double cottised a molet for difference, impaling on a chevron three birds with a crescent for difference. Seal of Francis Phelips lost. Witnesses: William Swanton, A. Bradshaw, junior, William (?)Trigges, James Prescott, and Ralph (?)Nashe, servant of William Blake, (?) the writer. Also a copy of the conditions of the tenure of the said mills, endorsed 'the copie of the condition for the Exchequer Mills'.