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Settlement to Stand Seisin: Ansley


Settlement between Thomas Beardmore of Bagotts Bromley, co. Staffs., gent. and Margaret his wife, and William George of London, plumber (son and heir apparent of the said Margaret) of the first part, George Ludford of Ansley, esq. and Richard Whitehall of Oldbury, gent., of the second part, Simon Alsopp of Ansley, yeoman, of the third part, and Francis Levinge of Baddesley Ensor, gent. of the fourth part (reciting that Thomas Beardmore and Margaret his wife had levied a fine to George Ludford and Richard Whitehall of a meadow called Stewarts Meadow in the common fields of Ansley, one flatt of meadow and another piece of meadow lying at the north end of the aforesaid lands abutting on the Alder Parke in Ansley, then in the tenure of Simon Alsop, a pasture called Hoard Parke in Bentley, and two other closes of pasture called Pynnels, adjoining to Hoare Parke in Bentley aforesaid, then in the tenure of William Sadler) whereby it was witnessed that the said George Ludford and Richard Whitehall should stand seised of the said premises to certain uses therein specified. Witnesses: Thomas Leving, John George, Richard Browne, Francis Lakene, Thomas Holte, Thomas Sadler and Robert Hill.