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Abstract of Title: The Flat, Bishopton, Old Stratford


Abstract of title to land called The Flat at Bishopton in the parish of Old Stratford, commencing with a settlement, dated 5 6 February 1747, upon the marriage of William Evetts, son of Michael Evetts of Stratford-upon-Avon, gent., and Elizabeth Banner of Birmingham, spinster, the said Michael Evetts, John Evetts of Stratford-upon-Avon, innholder, son of the said Michael, and Thomas Ashwell the younger of Birmingham, baker, being parties, and ending with an indenture, dated 29 September 1831, between Thomas Chapman Sheldon and James George of the first part, Joshua Smith Simmons Smith of the second part, Joshua Simmons Smith, esq., Capt., 14 Regt. and John Woolmore Simmons Smith, esq., also a Capt. in 14 Regt. of the third part, and Charles Hampden Turner of Rooknest Park, co. Surrey, esq., and John Woolmore of Bruton Street, Berkeley Square, co. Middx., esq., of the fourth part. Pedigree of Evetts family on folio 14, and schedule of deeds on folios 32 and 33.