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Mortgage: Halford


Mortgage, with counterpart, from Thomas Halford of Halford, yeoman, and Dorothy his wife, to Elizabeth Rowney of Halford, widow, and Edward Townsend of Alveston, gent., (reciting that Elizabeth Rowney and Edward Townsend, at the request of Thomas Halford and jointly with him and in respect of his debts were by two Bonds bearing dates 1 May 1697 and 3 May 1697, bound to Mary Archer of Langley, spinster, for £140 4s 0d on each Bond, and by another Bond, dated 13 May 1697 were bound to Richard Bromley of Stratford-upon-Avon, maltster, for £206, and that Edward Townsend with Thomas Halford, by a Bond dated 15 November 1690, were bound to Sir William Bishopp of Bridgetown, Knight, for £20 and that the said Elizabeth Rowney with the said Thomas Halford were bound to Thomas Harris of Idlicote, yeoman) for the purpose of indemnifying the said Elizabeth Rowney and Edward Townsend, of the house in which he dwelt at Halford together with a close of one acre adjoining and one yard land in his occupation more particularly described in a schedule thereto, for a term of 500 years. Witnesses: Thomas Capp and N[atahaniel] Mason.