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Foleshill deeds and papers, a lease


Lease from Thomas Gregorie of Coventr' to Thomas Grene of Folleshull for 20 shillings, of half a yard of arable land and meadow lying in the fields of Folleshull in the occupation of the said Thomas Grene and Richard Torr', also a close there in the occupation of Nicholas Palfrema', and all the lands, meadows and commons of the said Thomas Gregorie lying in a field called Sidnall in the same parish; to hold of the said Thomas Gregorie for a term of 21 years from the feast of St. Michael last past, paying annually 16s. 8d. (2 terms); and the said Thomas Grene may lop and crop all the trees growing on the said premises and to `fale and take the sprynge and underwood in Sidenall at seasonable tymes leavyng it sufficientlie accordyng to the custome ther' provided that the said Thomas Grene does not cut down any oak, ash or elm growing on the said premises.

Signed by monogram.
Seal on tag: oval, red, indecipherable.

Endorsed: i) Folleshull, T. Grene; parcella manerii Stychall quondam [AG] ii) A lese set by Thomas Gregory to William Greene [LG] Dated, 12 May 38 Henry VIII.