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Abstract of Title: Bishopton, Old Stratford


Abstract of title to an estate at Bishopton in the parish of Old Stratford, commencing with a conveyance, dated 18 July 1734, from Baptist Hicks of Stretton-on-the Fosse, clerk, to John Hews of Milcott, yeoman, and ending with an indenture, dated 12 June 1832, between J C Sheldon and James George of the first part, James Barker Judd and Mary Ann his wife, Joseph William Judd of Gloucester, gent., and Elizabeth Louisa his wife, Edward Sheldon, Mary Evetts, John Compton and Margaret his wife, Elizabeth Lange, widow, John Tarver and Lucy his wife, Sarah Evetts and William Atkins and Ann his wife, of the second part, John Branston Freer of Stratford-upon-Avon, esq., of the third part and John Elliot of Stratford-upon-Avon, law stationer, of the fourth part. With a pedigree of the Evetts family on f. 20, a schedule of lands etc. on f. 36 and draft of two additional deeds, dated 3 March 1849 and 15 August 1862, enclosed.