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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Margery de Nerebune lady of Styvichale to Sir Geoffrey de Langel' for his service of a croft in Styvichale with appurtenances, namely the enclosed croft lying below Doylotesforde between the great road leading from Coventr' towards Warwyk' and the bank of Shyreburne next Vernihal' which belongs to Miles Gerebode of Wytele; to hold of the said Margery rendering annually one pair of white gloves or one halfpenny at Easter;and for this the said Geoffrey gives 20 shillings. Witnesses: Sir William Trussel, Viell de Folk' shul', Robert and Thomas de Stok', Geoffrey de Willenhal', Robert de Cornle, Roger clerk of Coventr', John de Langel', William de Wytel', William de Pynel', John Beleteste, Milo Gerebode of Wytel', David de Wytel' and others. Seal on tag; oval, white. A fleur de lis. Legend: S' MARGERIE DE NEREBON. Endorsed: i) Styuchehale [14th c.] ii) Croftum iuxta doylotes forde, vocatum le hale, ubi domus [AG]