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Brookhampton and Little Kington


Manor of Little Kington, Combrook and Brookhampton. Court baron of Charlotte, Katharine and Grace Anna Bentley spinsters ladies of the manor held before Thomas Mander gent. steward. Copy of court roll recording the death of Nehemiah Lamprey tenant of a messuage and lands in Brookhampton and Little Kington reputed to be seven and a half yardlands then in the possession of William Holbech esq., and admittance of John Lamprey his eldest son and heir to the same. Examined and signed by the steward. English. Parchment, 14 x 10 in. Endorsed: Mr. Lamprey to his son John. 8a. With receipt dated 1 March 1744 for a heriot of £ 15. 15. 0 and a relief of £2. 1. 3 received of William Holbech esq. Signed: Charlotte Bentley, Katharine Bentley. In file DR98/1754.