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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Thomas Ferrers son and heir of Thomas Ferrers of Tamworth' to Edward Bristowe of Coventr', gent., of the water mill in Stichale called Hethemylne with the mill pool, underwood and fellings, known in English as Shredynges (succidiis Anglice Shredynges) of all other trees growing there and with all other appurtenances; which mill with its appurtenances reaches in length from le Parkebroke to le ?Stokkyng at the end of the moor called Milholme, and in width from the common field of Stichale to the brook called Shirburn; to hold the same from Michaelmas next for a term of 20 years rendering annually 28s. 4d. (2 terms); and the said Edward to maintain the same during the said term at his own expense; and at the end of the term the property to be in as good a condition or better. Witnesses: Guy Wyston', mayor of Coventr', John Hadley and John Illage, sheriffs of the same city and others. Dated 26 September, 37 Henry VI Seal on tag; circular, red. A monogram. Endorsed: i) Edward Brysto [AG] ii) Stichehale, Heth mylle [AG]