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Pinley in Coventry deeds and papers


Lease from John Bottord, knight, William parson of the church of Kynnesbury, William Pureffey, Henry Caytewayte parson of the church of Whysshawe and Henry Standysshe to John Knyght of Coventre of the water mill in the fields of Pynleye called Alresfordemulle with its pools, sluices, gates and water-courses etc. together with a certain piece of waste called le Lynche reaching in length from the head of Styffordemulle to Alresforde and in width from the road leading to London to a certain new ditch below the park of Pynleye; and also a meadow called Styffordehale; to hold to the said John for life, in the first instance for a term of 60 years paying annually 26s.8d. (4 terms), and then, should he still be living, for the remainder of his life 20 marks (4 terms); and the said John to undertake all repairs. Should the said John die within the said term of 60 years, then the mill shall be held by his heirs or assigns for the remainder of the term; and the said John to have the right to the woods and undergrowth. Witnesses: John Marton', deyster, William Bagot, Oliver Burdet, John Ray, Robert Inggram and others. Dated at Pynleye; Sunday before the feast of St. Michael, 7 Richard II. 5 armorial seals on tags: circular, red. i) a cross fleury in chief 3 martlets. Legend: SIGILLUM D'NI HENRICI CAYTWEAYTE ii) on a bend 3 chess rooks. Legend: SIGILLUM WILLELMI DE BONLE iii) a saltire in an elaborate rosace. Legend: SIGIL[LUM JOHA]NNIS DE BOTTOURT. iv) defaced. v) a saltire within a border engrailed. Legend: SIGILLUM HENRICI ST[---]