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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Sir Walter de Langeleye to Roger `pistorem' de Stiveschale of one `quartronum' of land with three selions lying near to [the land of] Margery daughter of the lady of Stiveschale with appurtenances, together with the houses built on the said land and the meadow pertaining to the said land; to hold of the said Walter during the lifetime of the said Roger and of Juliana his wife and of one of their children freely and quietly, saving the forensic service due to the king, paying annually 7 shillings (4 terms); and the said Roger and Juliana and one of their children to use the mill of Alreneford until the mill of Hethmulne comes into the possession of the said Walter, and that then they will use the mill of Hethmulne; and for this the said Roger gives 2 marks. Witnesses: Ralph de Withele, Adam son of Miles, Adam de Querco, William son of William de Pinnele, John Coquo, Robert `forestario' of Stiveschale and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) this deide provith y supt; y supe; Bishop held of y supe; kinge by service over and not of y supe; lorde of Cheilesmore or Coventry; for Cheilesmore cam to y supe; Crowne but in primo Ed. iii by fyne. And Margery lady of Stivechale who sold y supe; mannor to Langley and enfeffed certen freholders which yet remayn, held of y supe; bishop by y supe; iii parte of on knights fee. And y supe; bishop held over of y supe; king by half a knights fee [AG] ii) Langeley Stivechale [AG] iii) Hethmylne Alrenefordmylne [AG]