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Pinley in Coventry deeds and papers


Gift from Thomas Hakeluit, Thomas de le Morehalle, clerks, William atte More of Okleye and Henry de Stamdelf' to Baldwin de Fryvill', the elder, knight, Joan his wife, and their male heirs of the manors of Pynleye, Wykene and Styvechale, co. Warr', the manors of Bodinton' [Boddington] and Herdewyk [Hardwicke] co. Gloucs., and the manor of Haburleye [Abberley] co. Worcs., with all appurtenances, together with the advowsons of the churches of Herdeborugh' [Harborough Magna] and Wolfamcote; to hold the same to the said Baldwin and Joan and their male heirs of the chief lord of the fee, with reversion in default of such heirs, to the rightful heirs of the said Baldwin; with the further gift of all the goods and chattels of the grantors in the said manors and everything growing on the said lands. Witnesses: Richard de Staff', John de Bromwych', Richard de Herthull', William Breton', John Traci, knight, Nicholas de Morhalle, Edmund de Brugge and others. Dated at Tamworth', Saturday next after the feast of St. Michael, 42 Edward III. 4 red circular seals on 3 tags: i) seal of Thomas Hakelut: see B.M. Cat. of Seals iii, no. DR10/10369 ii) seal of Thomas de Morehalle; see B.M. Cat. of Seals iii, no. DR10/11924. iii) On a bend 3 ? the whole within a circular, decorated border. iv) A fess vaire between six billets, the whole within a cusped circular border. Legend: S' HENRICI DE STANYDELF Endorsed: i) Carta refeffamenti facta per Thomam Aclut' clericum et alios Baldewyno de Freivyll' etc. de maneriis de Pynley iuxta Coventr' et aliis terris et tenementis etc. ii) Johannae Langley talliat manerium de Stivechale [AG] iii) 42 E 3 [AG] iv) Baldwinus Frevile miles huius Johannae filius et heres de corpore suo et dicitur vid' Baldwinus Junior